Hammers and Pry Bars

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    High Quality Hammers and Pry Bars designed with user functionality in mind.

    The reliable principle of the three-component soft-face mallet with replaceable inserts and handle, as well as the unique housing with central three-point fixture has proven itself a million times.

    Original SIMPLEX soft-face mallets are solid quality tools which are ideal for use in various fields of application in industry and trade. They stand out due to their versatility, variety, and perfect finishing.

    Worn inserts can be replaced very quickly and easily. In addition, the user has the possibility of assembling the SIMPLEX soft-face mallet according to his individual requirements, or to add on components. 8 impact inserts with different hardnesses and diameters from 30 mm to 140 mm, 3 housing variants and 2 different handle options are available.

    The SIMPLEX soft-face mallet is suitable for versatile assembly work in industry and trade. Especially in paving work in the construction industry, as well as in gardening and landscaping, the SIMPLEX mallet is the reference among soft-face mallets.

    5 products
    40mm Carpenter's Mallet Bonus Box Set
    $97.97 CAD
    Blackgiant 3 piece pry bar set
    $125.97 CAD
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    60mm Landscaping Mallet Box Set
    $139.97 CAD
    40mm Metalworking Mallet Bonus Box Set
    $74.97 CAD