1-3/16" Mag Drill - FEIN KBB30

  • $1,149.00

Compact, light and powerful!

The KBB30 mag drill packs a surprising punch for its size!  Manufactured in the USA by FEIN, it can handle up to 1-3/16" diameter annular cutters and can reach up to 2" of cutting depth. 

The KBB30 has a low profile even with a 2" depth of cut cutter.  Combine that with the reversible handle on either side of the drill, and this mag drill can be the solution for almost any job. Powered by a 750 Watt motor and weighing in at only 23 pounds, is a great choice to have in the tool crib.

We strongly recommend this drill for users that drill occasional holes in steel and want reliability in there shop.  For daily use and construction site, we recommend that users upgrade to the KBB38.

The KBB30 cannot be converted to a twist drill chuck, however, 3/4" weldon shank drill bits are available.  


- Internal power cord

- Reversible handle

- Internal cooling

- Dual dovetail glides for stability



Capacity (dia): 1-3/16"

Capacity (length): 2"

Total Stroke: 2-9/16"

Magnetic Holding force: 2025 Lbs

Speed: 740 RPM

Cable Lenght: 12.5 ft

Weight: 23,5 lbs

Magnetic Dimension: 7 x 3-3/4"