1-3/8" Cordless Mag Drill with Variable Speed, Reverse, and MT2 holder - AJMU 137 PMQW

Part # 71700261090
  • $2,630.00 CAD

Total freedom to take your mag drilling needs anywhere with the FEIN AJMU137 cordless magnetic drill.  From functionality, to flexibility, this drill is the most portable drilling system on the market. The new permanent magnet with V groove allows for mounting on flat surfaces as well as pipes. 

Paired with the FEIN High power brushless motor, this drill will deliver the drilling performance you would expect from any corded version.  With 10" of total stroke range, the AJMU137 is designed for core drilling, twist drilling, reaming, tapping and MT2 drill bits. 


Features include:

  • Brushless long service life High Power Motor
  • MT2 mount to allow you to use most of your normal drill press accessories
  • Pivoting motor cable to reduce the risk of getting the cable caught and ripped out
  • 10" total stroke range thanks to the dual dovetail glide system
  • Variable speed and reverse function for tapping and reaming
  • Magnet monitoring system alerting users when magnet is not a full capacity
  • Tilt sensor to turn off drill if magnet lets go
  • Easy access to controls with all buttons on top of the drill.


  • Battery Voltage                                              18V
  • Speed range                                                 130 - 520 rpm
  • Twist drill max. dia.                                        11/16"
  • Mag base, max. drilling depth                       2"
  • Tapping                                                         5/8"
  • Max. countersinking dia.                               1-1/4"
  • Reaming max. dia.                                        11/16"
  • Annular cutter max. dia.                                1-3/8"
  • HSS annular cutters max. dia.                      1-3/8"
  • Annular cutter holder                                    3/4 " Weldon
  • Annular cutter change                                  tool-free
  • Stroke                                                           5-1/4"
  • Total stroke range                                        10-1/4"
  • Magnetic holding force                                 2023 lbs
  • Magnetic base sizes                                    7-11/16" x 2-1/14"
  • Weight                                                         26.7 lbs

We recommend using the FEIN HIGH POWER 5.2Ah Batteries with this tool for best performance.  Item # 92604310010