1-3/8" Mag Drill with 2 Speed Gear Box, Variable Speed and Reverse - JMU 137-2 QW

1-3/8" Mag Drill with 2 Speed Gear Box, Variable Speed and Reverse - JMU 137-2 QW

Part # 72705861120
  • $2,148.00 CAD

The JMU 137-2 QW is the culmination of  FEINs 150 years of experience designing innovative tools. Feins mission was to create a lightweight mag drill that could perform above its weight class and give the complete portable drill press experience. Designed with ease of use and versatility at the forefront, the JMU 137-2 QW makes it easy to core, drill, tap, countersink and ream in places you never imagined you could mount a mag drill.  


Features include:

  • Unique 2-speed gear box.  FEIN has really defined this drill as a portable drill press. The low speed gear is intended for core cutters, matching their speed requirements, while the high speed is matched for drilling with twist bits.
  • Variable speed range through both gears, allowing you to dial the speed to match the material you are drilling. This alone assists in improved cutter life and increased productivity. 
  • The ability to core up to 1-3/8", reaming, tapping and twist bits up to 5/8" and countersinks up to 1-1/4" allows you to get more done with one tool.
  • Weighing only 24 LBS, the JMU 137-2 QW is easy to handle in situations where heavier drills are difficult to maneuver.
  • Secondary magnet switch located on the side of the tool allows you to engage and disengage the magnet while holding the drill in awkward positions.
  • 10-1/4" total stroke length gives you the ability to use a wider range of cutters, drill bits and reamers then most drills with this cutting capacity. 
  • Speed memory function that returns to the last speed used, allowing to remain consistent through your drilling.
  • Tip sensor that adds some added safety to drilling. If the drill slips or tips while drilling, the drill will stop immediately. 
  • 3-coil magnet, only 2-3/4" wide.
  • Tool-free core bit fast change system.
  • Convenient magnetic holding force gauge, giving a visual indicator that the tool is mounted properly to the material.
  • Integrated cooling tank.
  • Hand feed wheel can be mounted on either side.


  • Power consumption                                      1,100 Watts
  • Power output                                                 550 Watts
  • 1st gear                                                         130 - 520 rpm
  • 2nd gear                                                        400 - 1,600 rpm
  • Twist drill max. dia.                                        5/8"
  • Mag base, max. drilling depth                       2"
  • Tapping                                                         5/8"
  • Max. countersinking dia.                               1-1/4"
  • Reaming max. dia.                                        5/8"
  • Annular cutter max. dia.                                1-3/8"
  • HSS annular cutters max. dia.                      1-3/8"
  • Annular cutter holder                                    3/4 " Weldon
  • Annular cutter change tool-free
  • Stroke                                                           5-1/4"
  • Total stroke range                                        10-1/4"
  • Magnetic holding force                                 2136 lbs
  • Magnetic base sizes                                    7-1/4 x 2-3/4"
  • Cable with plug                                            13 ft
  • Weight                                                         24.3 lbs


  • Coolant tank
  • centering pins
  • chip guard
  • safety strap
  • chip hook, case
  • 3-jaw chuck