CMT 226.580.12 Stainless Steel Saw Blade, 12-Inch

CMT 226.580.12 Stainless Steel Saw Blade, 12-Inch X 80 Teeth 8° FWF with 1-Inch Bore

Part # 226.580.12
  • $251.75 CAD

This low-noise saw blade is primarily intended for large panel saws and industrial woodworking machinery.

High precision, tight tolerance and longer lifetime are only a few features this tool offers!

In addition, this blade features a heavy-duty plate (46-48 Rockwell in hardness), chrome carbide cutting edges to guarantee extreme performance on steel pipes, steel rods, iron and sheet metals, anti-vibration design and expansion slots to reduce noise.

This tool is also produced by following precise procedures and techniques to confer greater value and allow for higher performance: tri-metal brazing, balancing and tensioning ring and laser-cutting for the steel plate. Try out the quality of the CMT blades!


  • For cutting stainless steel pipes, bars, sheets.
  • 0.087 kerf thickness, 0.071 plate thickness, 0° hook angle, 8° flat tooth with alternate chamfer.
  • Chrome carbide cutting edges guarantee long cutting on iron, steel pipes, metal rods, sheet metal.
  • Anti-vibration design, expansion slots to reduce noise, tight tolerance, longer lifetime.
  • Suggested RPM between 2500 and 4900.