10pc Jigsaw Blade Set for Wood & Metal by Spyder

Part # 300064
  • $22.10 CAD

A variety pack of Spyder’s best Made in Germany jigsaw blades for all of your metal and wood cutting applications. 

From straight cuts in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium, to straight and curved cuts in wood and laminate wood surfaces

Set includes:

2x BiM fine blades for thin steel and non ferrous metals

1x BiM coarse blade for thick steel and non ferrous metals

1x CrV skeleton blade for clean straight cuts into wood and laminate

1x CrV 2-sided fine curve cut blade to cut in all directions in wood and laminate

2x CrV fast curve cut blades for cutting shapes in wood

2x CrV fast straight cut blades for general purpose straight lines in wood. 6 TPI

1x CrV clean straight cut blade with 10 TPI for clean cuts in wood