60mm Landscaping Mallet Box Set

60mm Landscaping Mallet Box Set

Part # 3027s014
  • $139.97 CAD

This Halder landscaping mallet set includes 4 inserts plus a Pica Pocket pencil holder and carpenter pencil. 


  • All Parts are replaceable
  • High quality wood handle
  • Heavy duty cast iron housing


The inserts included with this set are:

1x TPE-SoftFor very delicate materials, floor tiling, setting natural stone, furniture assembly, drywall construction, window and door construction, joiner's work. Non-marring.

1x TPE-Mid: For delicate materials, setting natural stone, drywall construction, furniture assembly, floor tiling, paving, masonry and stair work, window and door construction, joiner's work. Non-marring

1x Superplastic: Gardening and landscaping, paving, kerbstone setting, fencing, driving steel wedges, scaffold and tent construction, sheet-metal work, prefabricated house construction, joiner's work, carpenter's work, assembly of sharp-edged workpieces. Wear-resistant.

1x Rubber: Gardening and landscaping, paving, curbstone setting, masonry and stairs setting, fence construction, scaffold and tent construction, prefabricated house construction, carpenter’s work, roof framework, maintenance and repair work. Impact cushioning, medium hardness.