SECURAL Rectangular Mallet

SECURAL Rectangular Mallet

Part # 3380.04
  • $68.99 CAD

The SECURAL mallets are made of robust sheet-metal housing with an ergonomic rubber grip.

The provided inserts are a rectangular yellow polyurethane that has a medium hardness. These inserts are a medium hardness, noise dampening, impact cushioning and wear resistant. 

The mass ratio of mallet head to shot is optimally tuned to the spring properties of the striking faces. This together with the low overall weight of the mallet ensures that work is particularly easy on the joints.

Thanks to its rectangular inserts, SECURAL is the specialist mallet with benefits when working with corners and edges.

The longitudinally welded housing ensures an absolutely unbreakable connection between mallet and handle.

There are two head sizes to choose from:

3380.045 - 35mm x 45mm 35OZ

3380.040 - 30mm x 4mm 24OZ


  • Parquet and laminate flooring
  • window and door construction
  • drywall construction
  • furniture assembly
  • joiner’s work
  • sheet-metal working
  • positioning and adjusting of work-pieces
  • Housing assembly
  • Window and door construction
  • Joiner’s work
  • Assembly and repair work in the automotive and truck sector
  • Maintenance / Repair / Overhaul