Pica Master-Set Carpenter 55030

Part # 55030
  • $85.99 CAD

Useful & compact marking kit for carpenters, roofers,

stone masons, brick layers, ...

With velcro fastener
With failover for refill sets
Single packaging with extractable plastic hang tag

1x 6060 Pica BIG Dry Longlife Construction Marker
1x 6045 Pica BIG Dry refill set FOR ALL, graphite 2B, red, white
1x 3030 Pica-Dry® Longlife Automatic Pen
1x 4030 Pica-Dry® refill set graphite FOR ALL 2B
FOR FREE: 1x 990/40 Pica VISOR permanent Industrial Marker MULTI-USE, Rot

Also available as Master-Set Joiner 55010 and Master-Set Plumber 55020!