FEMI NG120XL metal cutting bandsaw

Femi NG120XL Portable Metal Cutting Bandsaw

Part # 69908030047
  • $1,499.00 CAD

This item is currently on backorder with the manufacturer until March 2022. We are still taking orders, but please be aware of the delay.

Using a different approach, the Femi NG120XL portable bandsaw can cut faster then traditional bandsaws. This is due to the rotation being the opposite direction of traditional bandsaws.

Add to this an innovative tensioning device with a clutch, a 1300 W variable speed motor with a speed regulator to maintain a consistent speed, and a weight under 40 lbs, makes this the ideal portable bandsaw.


• Cut without lubrication.

• Adjustable left cutting angle from 0° to 60° with quick lock at 45° and 60°.

• Powerful 1300 W single-phase motor equipped with digital electronic speed regulator “Constant Speed” with amperometric limiting device

• Anti-reset safety function.

• Double front and rear sliding saw blade guides.

• Arm-locking device for easy handling

• Ergonomic handgrip.


 Cutting Capacity  Rectangular Round Square
120x102 mm 120mm


45° 78x78mm 80mm 78x78mm
60° 50x43mm 50mm 48x48mm