Pipe Polishing Attachment for Variable Speed Grinders RBSV 650

Part # 69908030272
  • $968.97 CAD

Turn your polisher into a pipe polisher with a RBSV 650 belt grinding arm set.

  • Use the RBSV 650 on right angle polishers with speed control from 500 to 7,900 RPM. For fine finishing the best speed range is up to 3,000 RPM or slower.
  • Finish pipe from 5/16 up to 10 inches, 360 degrees in two steps. The design of the arm allows you to finish pipe 2 inches from the wall.
  • The grinding arm is rotatable with tool-free belt installation and perfect tracking of belts.
  • From weld seam removal, to satin finishing, to a mirror finish, a wide range of belts is available that perform perfectly even on small radii.
  • For best results, pair with the FEIN variable speed polisher

Kit includes:

  • Belt grinding arm 5/8-11
  • case
  • 4 ceramic grinding belts (grits 40/60/80/120)
  • 1 Trizact belt grit 120
  • 2 fleece belts 35x650mm medium & extra-fine
  • 1 fleece belt 15x650mm medium
  • 2 zirconia belts (grits 80/120)