Fein SuperCut Automotive

FEIN Supercut FSC 1.7Q - Automotive Oscillating Tool

Part # 72294861090
  • $815.00 CAD

The powerful Fein SuperCut oscillating multi-tool with rapid clamping system is exclusively designed for use in the automotive sector and optimally configured for the applications such as cutting out windows and body work.


  • Ideal for removal of urethane bonded glass and automotive repair.
  • FEIN Anti-Vibration System. Up to 70% less vibration due to complete decoupling of the outer motor housing. For durable safe work.
  • Durable, overload-proof 450 W FEIN High-Performance Motor with high copper content for outstanding cutting speeds and maximum work progress.
  • Tacho generator. High-quality electronics for constant speed, even under load. infinitely variable electronic speed adjustment.
  • Hexagonal tool mount with decisive power connection between machine and tool.
  • Metal drive head. High load capacity and maximum service life.
  • Large operating radius thanks to the 16[5] ft.[m] fine-strand, industrial-quality, rubber cable.
  • Large selection of accessories for cutting, sawing, sanding, scraping, etc.


  • Power consumption           450 Watts
  • Power output                      250 Watts
  • Oscillations                        10,000-19,500 rpm
  • Tool mount                         Hexagon
  • Tool change                       QuickIN
  • Oscillation Range               2 x 1,7
  • Cable with plug                  16 ft
  • Weight according to EPTA 3.6 lbs


  • 1 protective cover for accessory changes
  • 1 whetstone (63719010014)
  • 1 tool case