2-1/16" Mag Drill variable speed and reverse- FEIN JCM200QX

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Great drill from core drilling, twist bits, and tapping.  Add 12" of stroke and a 2 speed gear box with variable speed, the JCM200 QX is a great value for anyone wanting a drill that is multipurpose in a 2" capacity.

Features Weldon quick in mounting for tool free fast change between annular cutters and drill chuck.  The handle can be flipped on either side to allow drilling tight to a structure. 

Drill is equipped with a magnet monitoring system.  If the magnet light flashes, you know that the magnet is not holding at 100% of its capacity.  A solid light means 100% magnet holding force.


 Core Drilling Capacity:  2-1/16"
Twist Drilling Capacity:


Countersink Capacity: 1-1/4"
Reaming Capacity: 5/8"
Tapping Capacity: 5/8"
Total Stroke:



1200 Watts

Gear 1
Gear 2


Magnetic Holding Force:

2800 LBS

Magnetic Base Size:



29.1 lbs


Kit includes:  3 centering pins, chip hook, safety strap, chip guard, built-in coolant reservoir, carrying case.