Dust extraction for FMM 3505

Dust Extraction Set for FEIN MultiMaster

Part # 92602102000
  • $59.89 CAD

For effective dust elimination for maximum flexibility in use. Fixed connection to the machine for a secure hold in all work situations. Suction hose can rotate freely on the machine for optimal adjustment to the work situation. Anti-static – in combination with FEIN Turbo vacuum cleaners and anti-static suction hose (optional). Hose connections 1-1/2 [35] in[mm] dia., standard for most conventional vacuum cleaner systems.


  • 1 extraction system
  • 2 sanding pads, perforated (edge length 3-1/8 in [80 mm])
  • 5 aluminum oxide sanding sheets each, perforated, grit 60, 80, and 120.


    FEIN SuperCut (FSC 500 QSL, AFSC 18 QSL, MM700) and FEIN MultiMaster (FMM 350 QSL, AFMM 18 QSL, MM500).