BLK 1.6 E 16 Gauge Nibbler with variable speed

BLK 1.6 E 16 Gauge Nibbler with variable speed

Part # 72323860120
  • $904.00 CAD

Designed for corrugated sheet metal, the BLK 1.6 E offers that extra thicknes capacity over the standard 18 gauge versions. 

Great for straight and curved cutting, the BLK 1.6 E maneuvers with ease up and down the channels.  

The extra long service life of the FEIN punch and die make this tool one of the most economical nibblers on the market. 



  •  6.2 ft./min cutting speed for excellent performance.
  •  Variable drilling speed due to electronically adjustable stroke speed.
  •  Brief overlapping area up to 12 gauge [2.6 mm].
  • Optimum handling due to an extremely slim gear head.
  •  Comfortable, light weight of 4 lbs
  •  QuickIN rapid change system.
  •  Rotating punch for up to 30% longer service life.
  •  Cutting direction setting can be changed in 45° increments up to 360° using tool-free rotating cutting head.
  •  Proven MultiMaster motor with outstanding power and durability.
  • Low operating cost. Punch and die can be changed independently.


Strokes per minute 1500
Cutting speed 6.2 ft/min
Capacity - Steel 16ga
Capacity - Stainless Steel 20ga
Capacity - Aluminum 13ga
Cutting Width 3/16"
Immersion diameter of the die 7/8"
Radius of smallest curve ( inside/outside) 1-3/16-1-3/8"