Linemen's Pliers - 8.75" Ironworkers Plier

Linemen's Pliers - 8.75" Ironworkers Plier

Part # CHA 350S
  • $48.00 CAD

Reduce fatigue while twisting wires with the Channellock Ironworkers Pliers.

With the dog leg handle and heavy duty coiled spring, you have better leverage and require less effort when twisting.

Channellock Ironworkers pliers feature

  • Dog leg handle for leverage
  • Heavy duty coiled spring for reduced force
  • ACSR cutting capacity
  • Crosshatch laser heat treat teeth for better grip
  • High carbon USA forged steel for toughness
  • Rust preventing coating for durability
  • XLT technology for easier cutting
  • Knife and anvil cutting edges for clean cuts


Overall Length: 8.75"

Jaw Length: 1.28"

Joint Thickness: 0.53"

Cutting Edge: 0.66"