Linemen's Pliers - 9.5" Fishtape Puller

Linemen's Pliers - 9.5" Fishtape Puller

Part # CHA 369CRFT
  • $59.00 CAD

Save your hands when pulling fishtape out of conduits. 

The Channellock HL FIshTape puller has a unique design that prevents damage while pulling out steel wire. 


  • Crosshatch laser heat treat teeth for better grip
  • High carbon USA forged steel for toughness
  • Rust preventing coating for durability
  • XLT technology for easier cutting
  • Knife and anvil cutting edges for clean cuts


Overall Length: 9.5"

Jaw Length: 1.54"

Joint Thickness: 0.55"

Cutting Edge: 0.73