Cordless Metal Screwdriver 18V- ASCS 6.3

Part # 71131163000
  • $260.00 CAD

Consistent fastening of metal screws into metal roofing or siding.

The FEIN ASCS 6.3 features a depth stop and silent clutch, allowing users to fasten metal screws in siding or roofing without damaging the waterproofing seals on the screws. 

The depth adjustment is tool free and extremely simple with a simple turn.  Bit changes are also tool free and accept any bit that has the 1/4" shank. 

The FEIN brushless motor has been tested for over 1 million fastenings


Capacity: 1/4" Screws

Voltage: 18V

RPM: 0-1,700

Weight: 7.5 Lbs


Comes with a depth stop, belt clip in a case. 

Available as a Select ( Tool only in case) or in 2.5Ah or 5Ah sets