Cordless Tapper up to 5/16" with Floating Chuck 18V :FEIN AGWP 10

Part # 71090162000
  • $899.00 CAD

When tapping holes, precision is crucial ensure clean accurate cutting of threads and to prevent tap breakage. The FEIN AGWP 10 cordless tapper gives you this plus high speed results allowing you tap holes up to six times faster then hand tapping. 

The self reversing drive allows accurate and fast tapping.  Equipped with the floating chuck, the tapper also compensates for the operator not staying centered with the hole.  This feature reduces the chances of breaking taps.

There are two battery options to choose from, the 2.5 Ah compact batteries, and the 5.0 Ah batteries. The differences are:

  •  The 5.0 Ah batteries give you twice the run time as the 2.5 Ah batteries.
  • The advantage of the 2.5 Ah battery is it is 45% lighter, for increased maneuverability.  
Please note that this tool comes with one chuck, the floating chuck for up to 5/16" taps.

    Features include:

    • Exceptional speed thanks to reversing gear for automatic rotation reversal when withdrawing the drill spindle from the threaded hole. Fast, 670 rpm return for shorter cycle times.
    • Outstanding precision due to a tight connection of drill shaft and tapping chuck using a B12 tapered mount for high accuracy. Accurate tapper mounting in the tapping chuck for best work results.
    • FEIN ergonomic grip applies the feed pressure directly along the tapping axis with the guiding hand ideally positioned.
    • Brushless FEIN PowerDrive motor with 30% greater efficiency.
    • Width across corners only 29/32 in (23 mm).
    • Metal gear head.
      • Voltage                                                          18 V
      • No-load speed in reverse                              0-760 rpm
      • Load speed when cutting                              0-440 rpm
      • Load speed in reverse                                  0-670 rpm
      • Full load torque                                             230 in/lbs
      • No load torque                                              363 in/lbs
      • Thread in steel up to                                     5/16 in
      • Thread in stainless steel up to                      5/16 in
      • Clamping neck                                              1-11/16 in
      • Cone at drill shaft                                          B12
      • Minimum clearance                                      7/8 in

    Kit includes:

    • 1 x AGWP 10 Tapper
    • 1 x floating chuck
    • 2 18V batteries
    • 1 battery charger
    • 1 case