CMT K02408 ITK Contractor Framing/Decking Saw Blade, 8-1/4 X 24 Teeth, 10° ATB with 5/8-Inch<> Bore

Part # K02408
  • $14.95 CAD

Designed for the contractors, this blade is the perfect choice combining smooth performance at affordable prices.

Blade features heavy-duty steel plate, thin-kerf design for faster cuts, construction carbide for longer life, expansion slots to prevent warping and reduce vibrations.

Sold in Clamshell packaging.


  • For framing/decking , general construction, use on portable/cordless circular saws, 20° hook angle.
  • Excellent cut on soft/hardwood, lumber, plywood, OSB sheets.
  • Heavy-duty steel plate.
  • Thin-kerf design for faster cut and construction carbide for longer life.
  • Delivered in clamshell packaging.