CMT K04007 ITK Contractor Finishing Saw Blade, 7-1/4 x 40 Teeth, 10° ATB with 5/8-Inch<> bore

Part # K04007
  • $14.85 CAD

Designed for the contractors, this blade is the perfect choice combining smooth performance at affordable price.

This tool features a heavy duty steel plate and a thin kerf for faster and precise cuts. Also, the cutting edges are made of constructional carbide for longer cutting life and extended lifetime.

You will notice the expansion slots in the blade body which prevent the tool from warping during rotation and reduce vibrations!

Blade is delivered in practical clamshell packaging.

Use this blade for finishing crosscuts. To be used on portable and cordless circular saws. Cut soft and hardwood, panels lumber, plywood, OSB sheets.


  • For finish crosscuts. Cut soft/hardwood, lumber, plywood, OSB on portable benchtop/table saws.
  • Heavy duty steel plate and thin-kerf blade for faster and precise cuts.
  • 0.071 kerf thickness, 0.047 plate thickness, 12° hook angle, 10° ATB grind.
  • Expansion slots to prevent warping and reduce vibrations.
  • Constructional carbide cutting edges for longer cutting life and extended lifetime.