CMT P07140-X10 ITK Plus Plywood Finish Saw Blades, 7-1/4-Inch X 140 Teeth, 5/8-Inch Bore - 10-Pack

Part # P07140-X10
  • $106.50 CAD

New saw blades which reduce material waste and demand on the saw, while delivering reliable, industrial-quality performance cut after cut!

These tools feature a heavy-duty steel plate (44 Rockwell) for higher resistance during work, laser-cut heat expansion slots and sound dampening channels to prevent the tool from warping during rotation and greatly reduce vibrations!

Also, the new Shear Angle Grind on the teeth front face produces smooth cuts, reduces the blade cutting force and improves the cutting speed, setting a new standard for performance and value. . Ideal for all woods including wet lumber.

These outstanding saw blades are delivered in a practical 10-pcs package, which represents a more economical solution than the single blade!


  • For smooth finish crosscuts, heavy duty, to be used on circular and cordless saws.
  • Great rip and crosscut on wood, plywood and veneered, good cut on one-sided laminates, plastic.
  • 0.071 kerf thickness, 0.063 plate thickness, 5° hook angle.
  • Thin kerf reduces material waste, shear angle produces smooth cuts and improves cutting speed.
  • Special Carbide prevents from material failure, Non-Stick Orange Shield protects against corrosion.