CMT P10060S ITK Plus Finish Sliding Compound Saw Blade, 10 x 60 Teeth, 10° ATB+Shear with 5/8-Inch bore

Part # P10060S
  • $64.20 CAD

A new saw blade which reduces material waste and demand on the saw, while delivering reliable, industrial-quality performance cut after cut!

This blade features a heavy-duty steel plate (44 Rockwell) for higher resistance during work, laser-cut heat expansion slots and sound dampening channels to prevent the tool from warping during rotation and greatly reduce vibrations!

Blade teeth are made of Industrial SinterHip High-density carbide which prevents the tool from any material failure and guarantees a longer cutting life.

Also, the new Shear Angle Grind on the teeth front face produces smooth cuts, reduces the blade cutting force and improves the cutting speed, setting a new standard for performance and value.

Last but not least, the blade Non-Stick Orange Shield Coating keeps the blade running cool, reduces pitch build-up and protects against corrosion. Ideal for all woods including wet lumber.

This outstanding saw blade is delivered in practical clamshell packaging.


  • For fine finish crosscuts. Glass-smooth finish on your miter cuts.
  • For cutting soft/hardwood, plywood, two-sided laminates. Use this blade on compound miter saws.
  • 0.094 kerf thickness, 0.063 plate thickness, 7° cutting angle, 10° ATB+Shear grind.
  • Thin kerf reduces material waste, shear angle produces smooth cuts and improves cutting speed.
  • Special Carbide prevents from material failure, Non-Stick Orange Shield protects against corrosion.