10" Aviation Snips for Aluminum and Sheet Metal

Part # CHA 610AL
  • $29.00 CAD

Designed for Aluminum and sheet metal cutting, aviation snips come with various profiles depending on the application.

The offset helps drive the material away from the operator to protect your hands.

Channellock's Aviation snips have universal color coded handles to help you choosing the right one for the job.

Yellow Handle- Straight are designed for straight cuts or wider curves

Green Handle- Right Cut- Capable of cutting straight or cutting to the right.

Red Handle- Left Cut- For cutting straight or left cuts.


Channellock Aviation Snips Feature:

  • Heat treated blades for longer life
  • Double overwind spring 
  • Forged alloy steel for strength
  • 18 gage cold rolled steel capacity
  • 22 gage stainless steel capacity