Cordless Self-Feeding Drywall Screwdriver- FEIN ASCT18M

Part # 71131664000
  • $656.00 CAD

Designed for fast, efficient drywall installation, with a fatigue free self feeding magazine. 

The FEIN ASCT18M makes installing drywall simple even if your installing the sheets on your own. 

Features a tool free fastener loading, depth stop for accuracy. Inside hosts the FEIN fully encapsulated brushless motor, keeping dust out of all critical parts.  

Combined with the FEIN battery technology, you can reach over 2000 screws fastened with a 5.0ah battery.

Remove the magazine and you now have the ASCT18 manual driver for a shorter body.  Kit comes with the depth stop for the ASCT18 as well when not in use with the magazine.

All packed in a hard shell FEIN carrying case.

When ordering, you can choose which battery platform you want.  2.5ah for lower weight, or 5.0ah for optimal run time.  Already own a FEIN battery, you can choose the SELECT version as a tool only in a case.


  • No load speed: 0-4000 RPM
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Weight (without battery): 3.5 Lbs
  • Screw Ø: 3/16"
  • Quick-change tip: 1/4" Hex
  • Screw length: 1"- 2-1/4"

 Battery kits are available in both 2.5ah and 5.0ah.  Each kit come with 2 batteries and a charger.

* Compatible with most common self-feeding screw strips on the market today.