Slip Joint Pliers

Part # CHA524
  • $17.39 CAD

We often take simple everyday items for granted.  They are just around.  Everyone has them. 

Slip joint pliers are exactly that.  Forged for the first time in 1933 by Howard Manning,  slip joint pliers are a staple in every tool box from professionals to home garages. 

From kitchen faucets, sink drains, auto repairs, and endless fastening, these pliers are put to task in every possible situation.  

Finer teeth at the front for gripping small objects and larger coarser teeth at the back for larger nuts and bolts.

The  "PermaLock" riveted joints keep the pliers tighter then typical nut and bolt designs to last for decades. Made in the USA with high carbon steel and a rust preventing coating, Channellock designs are meant to last for decades. 


  • High carbon steel for superior performance
  • Rust preventing coating
  • Channellock BLUE comfort grips
  • Wire cutting shear
  • Permalock hot riveted fastener


Part # Overall Length Jaw Length Thickness Handle Span Weight
CHA 524 4.78" 0.73" 0.28" 1.70" 0.17 lbs
CHA 526 6.50" 0.96" 0.43" 1.89" 0.51lbs
CHA 528 8.00" 0.99" 0.36" 1.82" 0.58 lbs