TapeMaster: the Tactical Tape Measure Holder

Part # TM01
  • $31.99 CAD

Who carries a tape measure around all day?

People who get stuff done. People who don't have time for BS. People like you. The problem is your pants. How many pockets have you destroyed? When will it all end?

The answer is right now. Meet the TapeMaster: the world's best tape measure belt clip holster. We used tactical materials like Kydex and stainless steel to craft a simple but durable place to clip your tape measure so it's easy to grab and fast to put away. The TapeMaster is so light and slim that many of our customers consider it an EDC item - it just disappears when it's on your belt.

Get the TapeMaster and help your pants live a little bit longer.

Why is it better?

  • Holds on like a tiny, tape-measure eating pit-bull. 
  • Battle tested. Replaceable belt clip. The PC-ABS construction has a tang at the bottom to wrap underneath belts up to 1.75" in width, so it stays in place whether you're crawling an attic, getting out of your truck, or chasing down a perp.
  • Ultralight and indestructible. Kydex construction is hand-formed in our Idaho workshop. The stainless clip is riveted with aircraft-grade hardware.
  • Lifetime Warranty. We build these holsters by hand (with a little help from our CNC router) from the highest quality materials. If anything goes wrong with one of these, you can trust that we’ll make it right.