FEIN Tapper with Floating Chuck up to 5/16" GWP 10

  • $1,249.69

The FEIN GWP 10 tapper is a must tool for anyone tapping holes up to 5/16" in diameter. 

The self reversing drive allows accurate and fast tapping.  Equipped with the floating chuck, the tapper also compensates for the operator not staying centered with the hole.  This feature reduces the chances of breaking taps.

  • Exceptional speed thanks to reversing gear for automatic rotation reversal when withdrawing the drill spindle from the threaded hole. Fast, 680 rpm return for shorter cycle times.
  • Outstanding precision thanks to a play-free connection of drill shaft and tapping chuck using a B12 tapered mount for high concentricity accuracy. Accurate tapper mounting in the tapping chuck for best work results.
  • FEIN Sensitive Grip applies the feed pressure directly along the tapping axis with the guiding hand ideally positioned.
  • FEIN stable speed high-performance motor.
  • Width across corners only 29/32 in (23 mm).
  • Metal gear head.
  • Torsion-free, barrel-type motor housing.


  • Power consumption                          450 Watts
  • Power output                                      250 Watts
  • No-load speed in reverse                0-1,000 rpm
  • Load speed when cutting                0-450 rpm
  • Load speed in reverse                     0-680 rpm
  • Full load torque                                 186 in/lbs
  • No load torque                                   469 in/lbs
  • Thread in steel up to                        3/8 in
  • Thread in stainless steel up to       3/8 in
  • Clamping neck                                  1-11/16 in
  • Cone at drill shaft                              B 12
  • Cable with plug                                 16 ft
  • Minimum clearance                          7/8 in
  • Weight according to EPTA              3.5 lbs