50 pack of 5" "Big Boy" flap wheels and an angle grinder

Part # WF236233-50
  • $480.00 CAD

Special Buy 50 discs and an angle grinder

Buy a 50 pack  discs and receive a free FEIN 5" angle grinder.

Available angle grinders are:

WSG 17-125 PRT

WSG 17-125 PR

WSG 17-125P

WSG 11-125R

WSG 11-125RT

WSG 11-125

We will contact you to confirm your choice of angle grinder.


Flap discs for stainless steel, with fibreglass backing and more flaps to dramatically increase product life. Thicker construction provides more cushioning for stainless finishing applications.

Available in:

Type 27 Flat

Type 29 Conical