Oscillating Accessories For FEIN Supercut and Festool Vecturo

Accessories to fit the FEIN SuperCut oscillating tools. ( Also fits Festool Vecturo Oscillating Tool)

Great news for SuperCut owners, you can use all the new Starlock, and Starlock plus accessories in your current SuperCut! This gives you the best of both worlds, you can your current accessories and the new Starlock accessories, that you can find by clicking here. In order to use the Starlock accessories, there are adapters available. You will need to determine which adapter you will need and it is quite easy, if you have a SuperCut with Quickin you will need this adapter:

Adapter for Fein SuperCut with QuickIn
And if if you have the Fein SuperCut without QuickIn (the one where you tighten a screw to hold your blade down), you will need this adapter:
So, whatever you need to cut, scrape, sand, or polish, Quality Tools Online has you covered.