Vessel Screwdriver Bits

5 products

    VESSEL, is the market leader of driver bits in Japan, and has developed Impact Ball Torsion Bits specifically for Impact Drivers.

    VESSEL’s own, in house, heat treatment technology maintains hardness and ductility thus increasing bit longevity.

    5 products
    5 Piece Impact Ball Torsion set 3-1/2" length
    $29.99 CAD
    Vessel Robertson Impact Torsion Bits
    from $7.98 CAD
    Vessel 31 Piece Torsion Bit Set
    $59.99 CAD
    Vessel Drywall insert bits #2 Phillips 1"
    $7.98 CAD
    Vessel Phillips Impact Ball Torsion Bits
    from $14.99 CAD