Slugger 14" Cold Cut Saw

14" Metal Cold Cutting Saw- Slugger by FEIN - MCCS14

Part # 72905361120
  • $779.00 CAD

Cutting metal fast, cold, and straight made easy! 

The Slugger MCCS14 saw has proven to be among the favorites in the industry.  Capable of cutting angle, flat and round stock, all of you metal cutting will be simple.  Matched with a durable motor and quality components, its a must for any shop cutting metal components.

When comparing to a regular abrasive wheel chopsaw, you gain some key advantages! Straight cutting is the biggest!  Most chopsaws deflect a little while cutting.  But with the Slugger metal saw, the cut is accurate and straight.  

Some key features are:

- Solid cast clamping jaws for stability adjustable to 45 degrees cuts.

- D-handle to reduce operators error in making high impact contact with the work piece.

- Chip tray for debris collecting.

- Depth stop.



Power:                                              1800 Watts

Speed:                                                1300 rpm

Blade Size:                                        14"

Blade arbor:                                       1"

Max Cutting Depth(round)                 5-1/8"

Max Cutting Depth(square)               4-3/4"

Weight:                                              54 lbs