40mm Carpenter's Mallet Bonus Box Set

Part # 3117s001
  • $97.97 CAD

This Halder carpenter's mallet set includes 4 inserts plus a Pica Pocket pencil holder and carpenter pencil. 


  • All Parts are replaceable
  • High quality wood handle
  • Extremely lightweight aluminium housing

The inserts included with this set are:

2x TPE-SoftFor very delicate materials, floor tiling, setting natural stone, furniture assembly, drywall construction, window and door construction, joiner's work. Non-marring.

1x TPE-Mid: For delicate materials, setting natural stone, drywall construction, furniture assembly, floor tiling, paving, masonry and stair work, window and door construction, joiner's work. Non-marring

1x Superplastic: Gardening and landscaping, paving, kerbstone setting, fencing, driving steel wedges, scaffold and tent construction, sheet-metal work, prefabricated house construction, joiner's work, carpenter's work, assembly of sharp-edged workpieces. Wear-resistant.