2-9/16" Mag Drill with MT3, Variable speed, swivel magnet- JCM256 U

Part # 72704761120
  • $3,111.00 CAD

Buy This Mag Drill and get a 6 piece cutter set at no charge!

Formally the KBM 65 U, the JCM 256 U is a high performance drill with swivel base for fine adjustments.  

The JCM 256 U offers large capacity, versatility and fine adjustments.  Great choice when 2" isn't enough and 3" is too much. 

Features Weldon quick in mounting for tool free fast change between annular cutters and drill chuck.  The handle can be flipped on either side to allow drilling tight to a structure. 

Drill is equipped with a magnet monitoring system.  If the magnet light flashes, you know that the magnet is not holding at 100% of its capacity.  A solid light means 100% magnet holding force.


 Core Drilling Capacity:  2-9/16"
Twist Drilling Capacity:


Countersink Capacity: 2"
Reaming Capacity: 1"
Tapping Capacity: 13/16"
Total Stroke:



1300 Watts

Gear 1
Gear 2


Magnetic Holding Force:

3150 LBS

Magnetic Base Size:



35.5 lbs


Kit includes:  3 centering pins, chip hook, safety strap, chip guard, built-in coolant reservoir, carrying case.